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"...and unfurl this aching jib."

Ugh. Here we have March in the middle of July. For the past hour and forty-five minutes, since I got out of bed, the temperature has stubbornly stayed at 62˚F. But I might finally be getting warm. It's rainy, and the humidity is at 96%.

Toady, I have to see if I can save "Always Crashing in the Same Car." I can't give it many more days. I need to get to the next novella for Tor.com. And try to get the novel moving again. And work on the ms. for the Centipede Press 20th anniversary edition of Silk. And there's a list that I'm supposed to pull together, people to be invited to the reception at the Hay on the 16th of August. And, very soon, it will be time to write something for Sirenia Digest No. 138.


Aunt Beast (stranded in a century not her own)

10:33 a.m.


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Jul. 16th, 2017 07:35 pm (UTC)
(stranded in a century not her own).

Oh, a thousand amens to that descriptor.
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