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"Remember me when everyone's noses start to bleed." (0 Vicodin)

Sunny today and cooler. Currently, it's only 78˚F, and our high today should be 85˚F. Yesterday, with the heat index, we made it past 90˚F. Of course, I didn't leave the house, so all I know of it is secondhand reports and what you can see through a window.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,224 words on what I'm, at least for now, calling "Always Crashing In the Same Car," which I hope will be the ghost story that I've been looking for since April.

Last night, we watched Blue Velvet (1986) for the first time in years. It is so near to being a perfect film, each shot seemingly composed with such exquisite care.

Aunt Beast

12:46 a.m.
Tags: blue velvet, books, david lynch, dinosaurs, ghosts, outside, paleontology, shut in

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