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Sunny and a blue sky today, 77˚F at the moment. We should reach 82˚F. And here is the first day of summer.

Yesterday, I didn't actually write much of anything. I'm trying to find the story inside the story, inside "Three Monsters Walk Into a Bar," because it's that sort of a story. A story about someone telling a story, a story the Signalman is telling. I may have found it. I hope I have.

I went with Spooky over to the East Side when she went out to do errands. I needed to go by Blick on Wickenden Street to get a new Moleskinne notebook, because I finally filled up the one I'd been using since 2013. We went to Whole Foods, then back home.

This morning I finished my re-read of American Gods.

I have this, which I posted yesterday to Facebook:

Okay, so I have been told I can tell *this,* a third of the secrets: In August, the John Hay Library at Brown University will be presenting a small exhibit showcasing the Caitlín R. KIernan Papers. There will be a reception/presentation at the library, and I think it's going to be during Necronomicon (but I'm waiting for specifics). I'll post more details when I have them. I'm meeting next week with Hay's librarian for American and British Literary and Popular Culture Collections, to work out details.

As the Brits say, I am chuffed. But it's very weird, too, you know?

Aunt Beast

6:54 p.m.


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Jun. 22nd, 2017 09:09 pm (UTC)
As the Brits say, I am chuffed. But it's very weird, too, you know?

I think it's wonderful.
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