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"I've got a gaggle of them inside. One of them's got a baby dinosaur."

It appears as if the Great Providence Rain-a-thon of 2017 is being called, mostly, on account of sun. No skin off my nose. Currently, the clouds are thinning and breaking up, and it's 75˚F. We should make it to 80˚F. There was actually quite a bit of unexpected sun yesterday.

Yesterday, I mostly reworked the first the first six and a half pages of "Four Monsters Walk Into a Bar." When all was said and done, all the little additions and subtractions, the text had grown only by 102 words. But it needed to be done before I proceeded with the tale, which, hopefully, I will do today. I also need to get the contracts for the 20th anniversary edition of Silk into the mail, and I need to sign the signature pages for the forthcoming Gauntlet Press signed, limited edition edition of Clive Barker's Everville. I did the introduction, and Josh Boone did the afterword. And that will be today.

There was jigsaw puzzling yesterday, and there were pinto beans for dinner, and Spooky and I sorted through old t-shirts (some dating back well into the 1980s), and new episodes of Twin Peaks and American Gods. I'm very sad that the latter has reached the end of Season One. But what a marvelous season finale.

A few things I wrote on Facebook and would like to preserve here:

6/14 ~ On the subject of gender neutral pronouns: I grew up in Alabama with "they" as an acceptable common-gender third person singular pronoun, something that standard English lacks. But you might say as of a given person, "What are they doing?" "Where did they go?" Is it grammatically correct? No. Is it functional? Absolutely. Lately, I have defaulted (sort of reverted) to using "they" as a "go to" common-gender singular pronoun. I wasn't even conscious I was doing it. But it works for me. I think "they" (w/them, their, etc.) works fine as a gender neutral pronoun, in lieu of English actually having one, and I cannot abide recently constructed systems, like Spivak pronouns. I absolutely will not use them. If anyone takes offense at "they," whatever. It works. I am absolutely comfortable with someone using "they" when referring to me.

6/14 ~ It's one of those places things get weird for me. "But you're a transsexual, I thought you'd think X." Because, you know, we're all of one mind, apparently. I am finding myself more and more at odds with what at least *appears* to be the mainstream of transgender politics, so please don't assume.

6/14 ~ Sometimes, the correct answer is, "Because it's stupid."

6/15 ~ I only just saw the new design for the World Fantasy Award, and as someone who voiced strong skepticism about changing the award design, I thought I should say this is truly gorgeous. Seeing it, I think the change was the proper course of action, after all. I think it was wise to avoid the image of any author.

6/16 ~ If ever I were to teach a writing class or workshop, which I doubt I ever will, I'd want to include an exercise that requires students to create a character whose worldview, politics, religious beliefs, etc. are utterly, hopelessly at odds with their own, and then write that character sympathetically. I think I see too many young SFF authors today wedged too firmly within their comfort zones.

6/18 ~ The internet has no particular interest in the truth. Whatever is repeated the most frequently and the shrillest tones conveniently stands in for the truth, by default, but that should not ever be mistaken for an actual concern for what is true and what is false. Id-like, the internet is concerned with what is satisfying, not truthful.

6/18 ~ The cinema of David Lynch is the cinema of anxiety. No other director, not even Alfred Hitchcock, has ever so completely mastered anxiety.

Aunt Beast

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