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"You're the queen of the superficial. And how long before you tell the truth?"

Here we are, in Day 2 of the Great Providence Rain-a-thon of 2017, which is supposed to end on Tuesday evening. We'll all have gills by then. There was wonderful, hard rain yesterday afternoon and evening, and some local flooding. But if people do not want floods, they should not live on coastal plains and other assorted lowlands. Currently, overcast and 67˚F.

This morning I dreamt of the Smoky Mountains, of misty green Appalachian hollows and towering limestone cliffs. I stood on a narrow ledge, and there was an enormous mechanical conveyance of some sort rumbling by below me, winding along a narrow, muddy road. The top of the vehicle was mossy, and small trees had taken root there.

Yesterday, I wrote 851 words on something for Sirenia Digest No. 137, and I think it's going to be something very interesting, but I want to give it another day before I say just what. Oh, and I signed the contracts for the Centipede Press 20th anniversary edition of Silk, and I got some very good news from that I do not think I am presently allowed to share.

If I had just one dollar for every minute I've spent at a keyboard since I began The Five of Cups in 1992, I wouldn't be worried about money for at least a while.

Last night, we watched all ten episodes of the first half of Season Two of The Ranch. Because we're gluttons, and I so love that show.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

1:25 p.m.
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