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"Don't they know it's the end of the world?"

A hot day today, after a hot day yesterday. We made it well over 90˚F yesterday, and we should reach 95˚F. But a cold front and thunderstorms are passing through tonight, and the temperature is supposed to plunge. Tomorrow's high is forecast at 77˚F, almost twenty degrees cooler.

Yesterday was devoured by a doctor's appointment. For me, doctor's appointments always devour days. And there was a trip to a Temple of Plastic...I mean a Toys-R-Us...looking for cheap jigsaw puzzles. And then a stop at Whole Foods for yogurt and guacamole and fruit juice. This week, we need to not forget about the farmer's market on Thursday. Anyway, that was yesterday. Last night, we finished Season Five of Orange is the New Black. Night before that, very excellent episodes of American Gods and Twin Peaks.

I also want to say, as I said yesterday on Facebook, as a transperson, I find "deadnaming" to be an offensive and, simultaneously, laughably melodramatic phrase. My birth name isn't "dead," and that person I was then is no less alive and valid than the person I am now. Frankly, I've only just heard the term for the first time. It's idiotic. Wiktionary attests to the term since January 11, 2012, but I'd never heard it. And it's just sorta precious being told by cisgendered people (excuse me, I mean by non-transgender people) that I genuinely ought not to be offended by the melodramatic neologism "deadnaming" (including "deadname," "deadnamed," and, presumably, "deadnamer."), that the existence of the word is really for my own good, and why can't I get with the program, please?

Today, I'll either clean house of begin a story for Sirenia Digest No. 137. I still haven't found the ghost story that I'm seeking, except to say that it will likely be more about the nature of hauntings than any sort of actual, literal ghosts. Ghosts have never been easy for me.

Aunt Beast

11:32 p.m.
Tags: american gods, gender, ghosts, good tv, jigsaw puzzles, language in the hands of idiots, lost days, names, orange is the new black, plastic, sirenia digest, summer, toys, transgender, twin peaks, weird weather

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