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Howard Hughes goes to a picture show.

As has often been the case, when things get weird and chaotic and stressful, as they have been the past month or so, as they have especially been the last month or so, I rearrange furniture. It's one of my time-honoured methods of dealing with stress. I think that I inherited it from my mother. Sometimes, my sister and I would come home and discover that the living room or dining room or one or another of our bedrooms had been entirely rearranged. It was sort of like a weird holiday. Suddenly, everything was different. Anyway, the last two days, I've been rearranging my office, and now my desk faces east instead of north, and a bookshelf has been rotated 90 degrees left, and there's a "new" chair (it used to be in the bedroom), and now I feel like I have a new office, which helps distract me from the chaos. It's all very silly, but it seems to help. And Spooky says there's more space and things look better this way, so there you go (even though I suspect she's just being nice).

Yesterday, I did a very satisfying 1,949 words on Chapter Five of Daughter of Hounds. So far, I'm finding the Emmie chapters easier to write than the Soldier chapters, perhaps because there's not so much action. I often feel that "action" scenes are the most perilous, that they're the places where all the contrivances of plot are most likely to show through, so I fret about them enormously. It'll be interesting to see what happens when I pass Chapter Six and the Emmie/Soldier chapters begin. After all the writing, Spooky and I went to the Fox Theatre on Peachtree to see Rebel Without a Cause and East of Eden. I love the Fox. It's one of those things about Atlanta I genuinely adore, like the botanical gardens. I remember when Christa took me to the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood (we saw Twister, and I met Tony Todd), I was actually disappointed because it wasn't nearly as snazzy a movie palace as the Fox here in Atlanta, and who'd have ever thought such a thing?

Da Fox

My thanks to Derek c.f. for bringing news of the discovery of another planet orbiting Gliese 876 to my attention this morning. Can Piros be far behind? I wonder if anyone at NASA's read The Dry Salvages?

Want to see a trailer for Dave McKean and Neil's new film MirrorMask? Then click here. It's a truly gorgeous thing.

And I think that's about it for today, except to say that there's only a couple of days remaining on the current eBay auctions, which include an ARC or To Charles Fort, With Love and a copy of the Camelot chapette of "Alabaster." The platypus is looking nervous.

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