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"Forget what Father Brennan said. We were not born in sin."

Very late getting around today's entry, which has become tonight's entry. Currently, it's 57˚F here in Providence. We made it into the high seventies yesterday, but today was cooler, with thunderstorms. For that matter, it was stormy yesterday, too. We'll have a little summer someday.

Yesterday, I had a very excellent writing day. I managed 2,017 words and found THE END of "Untitled Psychiatrist No. 3." Tomorrow, I'll proofread the story, make line edits, and pull together Sirenia Digest No. 136.

Today, though, Spooky and I went to Providence Place for the 12:50 p.m. matinée of Patty Jenkins' brilliant adaptation of Wonder Woman. As I said on Facebook, this marks the first time I have ever cried at a superhero movie. The film is pretty damn close to perfect, top to bottom, stem to stern, and I cannot recommend it strongly enough. Also, it's interesting to note that, like Rogue One, it echoes such films as The Dirty Dozen, The Guns of Navarrone, and dozens of other war films (Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds is essentially an homage to the misfits-on-a-suicide-mission subgenre). And I was very pleased that the director went with WWI instead of the simpler, more familiar milieu of WWII. Wonder Woman is most certainly one of the best superhero films ever made, and it could not have come to us at a time when we needed more, especially not a time when the young women (and children) need it more.

From Facebook, from yesterday:

~ I never thought I'd find myself praying the America would be gripped by another Red Scare. But I now find myself doing exactly that.

~ You can bitch and moan all you want about "dead white men" and the inherently patriarchal nature of the Western canon, but the truth of it is that great writers remain great writers, and we who work today and we who in 2017 struggle with our art do so standing on the shoulders of giants. The unjust circumstances of our history do not diminish the brilliance of those voices, nor does the need for a more diverse literature, as we move forward, diminish their accomplishments.

~ I feel, more and more, like I'm someone upon whom extremists on both sides of the American political divide look and see an enemy. The far right sees me as a "libtard" moonbat, while many progressives and far left folks, increasingly, seem to see me as much too conservative, some even going so far as to accuse me of sexism, racism, classism, etc. seeing me as a sort of traitor to the cause. And I suppose this is the high price, in 2017, of being a centrist (even a centrist liberal). I believe that it is very probably true that America is now more divided than at any time since the Civil War, and it is a very difficult time in which to find oneself a moderate. This is on my mind constantly, to the point that I spend a great deal of time doubting myself.

~ In trying to comprehend the dilemma in which centrist liberals finds themselves, simply consider that the Bernie or Busters and the Jill Stein supporters considered Hillary Clinton to be "exactly the same" as the Trump and the Tea Party Republicans, while the Tea Party Republicans considered her the be an arch demon of the Far Left. The truth, of course, is that she was neither of those things. But anyone who stands in the middle, or anywhere near the middle, is assumed by both sides to be the enemy. To be an extremist is to lose the ability to see the world except through the lens of your own fanaticism.

~ American democracy has survived the past 241 years due to our capacity to compromise. The truth is that compromise is the backbone of our republic.

Aunt Beast

3:38 p.m. (June 1st)
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