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The Spaces Between Me and Me

Lots of clouds today after rain last night, but at least it isn't yet overcast. It will be on my birthday, and that's not going to make anything any easier. It's not going to make a hard day any softer. Currently, it's 65˚F. Cold Spring is about to become Cold Summer. And yet the tourists come.

I'm hardly awake, because I hardly slept. I was awake until well after 5 a.m.

Yesterday, I did 1,612 words on "Untitled Psychiatrist No. 3." I have to abbreviate the word "number" now, since LJ has fucked up my ability to use pound signs (which I will not ever call "hashtags"). Anyway, the story's off to a sort of beginning.

Trump's proposed budget is one of the most aggressively inhumane documents in American history. If you can read this and still say that Clinton and Trump were essentially the same, you're a special brand of idiot:

"Over the next decade, [Trump's proposed budget] calls for slashing more than $800 billion from Medicaid, the federal health program for the poor, while slicing $192 billion from nutritional assistance and $272 billion over all from welfare programs....It would also cut by more than $72 billion the disability benefits upon which millions of Americans rely. Student loan programs that subsidize college educations for the poor and those who take jobs in government or nonprofit organizations would be eliminated." (New York Times 5/22)

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

4:56 a.m.


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Mark Orr
May. 23rd, 2017 05:29 pm (UTC)
My last job before retirement was 13 years spent as a vocational rehabilitation case manager, working with people with disabilities on helping them obtain whatever job skills and accommodations they needed to achieve maximum independence. I've not seen it specifically mentioned among those programs about to get the axe, but I'd be amazed if it survives this administration, as it was 90% federally funded. I tried to tell my pro-Trump colleagues their jobs would be in peril if he were elected, but those damned e-mails!

Hope your weather improves apace.
May. 23rd, 2017 11:40 pm (UTC)
My 29 year old daughter has medical, physical, and mental disabilities and is on SSI and Medicaid; she has a genetic defect, autism, diabetes, had a stroke, has a history of seizures, has herniated disks in her spine and degenerative arthritis; and last month minor ear surgery disclosed that she has a large benign tumor inside her right ear that must come out, as this type keeps growing and could become very dangerous. She will be in danger of losing her hearing 90%+ in that ear and already has hearing loss in the left ear, so she will need expensive hearing aids. She functions on the level of a 6 year old and needs 24/7 care. And it scares me to death that she might be in danger of losing her Medicaid and SSI; I'm her sole caregiver now and am only a few years away from my 6th decade, so it's not easy at my age to get a new job or higher-paying job as I struggle to take care of the both of us. But people like my daughter and myself are seen as disposable, non-contributing drains on society, it seems (even though I do have a college degree and taught school--both full and part time--for almost 21 years; so it's not like I'm this stereotyped 'lazy welfare' person some people seem to think makes up the majority of all people who need govt assistance of any kind). I have a part time job right now, just 28 hours a week because I am taking care of my daughter and also part time care of her 87 year old grandmother (broke her hip, then recently she had surgery on both eyes). I work my butt off and am far from lazy, sigh, but still looked down on because my child needs Medicaid or I'd never be able to afford all her many many medical bills over the past decade.
( 2 comments — Have your say! )