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"A pair of forty fives made me open my eyes..."

Currently, it's 84˚F and partly cloudy here in Providence. Last night, I fell asleep to the sound thunder and to flashes of lightning. The high yesterday was 93˚F.

Yesterday, we drove over to the east side of town, to 41 Arlington Avenue. This is the house where Angela Carter lived during her year in Providence, while she was teaching a writing course at Brown. She occupied rooms on the second floor. Until I read Gordon's The Invention of Angela Carter, I didn't know where the school had put her up during her stay here. It's a fine house. I have a feeling it was a lot less fine in the early eighties. Carter complained that she almost froze to death that winter because the radiators didn't work. This is the house where she conceived and composed "The Fall River Axe Murders" and "The Cabinet of Edgar Allan Poe."

I had fun putting together the Spotify playlist for Agents of Dreamland. I'm tempted to do one for the Dancy Flammarion stories.

I've slowly been working my way through the latest Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, and in the past few days I've read "Expanded dorsal ribs in the Late Triassic pseudosuchian reptile Euscolosuchus olseni," "A new lungfish (Dipnoi) from the Late Triassic of South America," and "A new species of Opisthodactylus Ameghino, 1891 (Aves, Rheidae), from the late Miocene of northwestern Argentina, with implications for the paleobiogeography and phylogeny of rheas." The journal is one of the few long-term constants in my life, and that's one reason I cherish it. I became a member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in 1984, thirty-three years ago. I was nineteen.

Aunt Beast

12:43 p.m., 41 Arlington Avenue
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