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Yesterday, I wrote 1,067 words on Chapter Four of Daughter of Hounds. I've always written books with relatively long chapters, but this time out the chapters are running long; next book, I think I'll make a point of keeping chapters to 2,500 words or less.

The foolishness with eBay and nonauthorized auctions of ARCs of To Charles Fort, With Love has been resolved, and I'll probably get the second of the ARCs I'd planned to sell up sometime today. Selling a couple more of these has taken on a new urgency, as the hd on Spooky's iBook, which we rely on for all sorts of writing-related business, has developed some sort of twitch or tick or stammer, and it's going to have to go into the shop. And after all the other bulldren lately, well, it's beginning to feel as though the Lousiest Winter is bleeding over into a Dubious Summer. So, we'll try to get the ARC up today, and perhaps a few other items, as well.

I just saw the trailer for the Russian dark fantasy, Night Watch, which looks like it might be cool. It's the first film in a trilogy.

Also, a bit of classical Fortean weirdness. Frogs from the sky are old news, of course. Frogs from the sky are the dandelions and clover of the damned. And it's annoying when, as is the case here, no real documentation is given. When did this happen? Fort was very concerned with indicating where and when and who, pointing the reader to the source from which he'd recovered the event. Frogs from the sky. Hell, show me a day without frogs...

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