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Howard Hughes Sits

Around 1:20 p.m. yesterday afternoon, after we'd gone maybe 134 miles, the Grand Voyager experienced what NASA technicians wold likely refer to as a catastrophic failure of the fuel delivery system. In Southbury, Connecticut, we vomited many gallons of gasoline across a parking lot. And then we were towed to a local garage. We spent the night at the Wyndham Southbury, and now we're waiting for the garage to call. Supposedly, we'll be able to get back on the road sometime between one and two p.m. Maybe we can reach Harrisburg, Pennsylvania tonight. At this point, we're three days behind schedule. If we are extremely lucky, we'll reach Birmingham tomorrow night, four days behind schedule. I'm running out of time for this trip. There was a very small window of about two weeks open.

I am past the end of my rope.

Currently, it's raining and 46˚F.

The photo below sums up yesterday.

Resistance, Peace, and Compassion,
Aunt Beast

3:41 p.m.
Tags: car drama, lost days, travel, wasted days

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