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Howard Hughes returns

The long silence was primarily the result of a) having made no forward progress on Daughter of Hounds and b) taking an LJ break as part of my recovery from the chaos and maelstrom of the last three weeks. Oh, and it rained or was overcast for six days straight, which put me in a mood to say nothing much pleasant to anyone or anything. The sun came back late on Friday. It's patchy today, partly cloudy, but at least we're back to what is to be fairly expected of late spring in Atlanta. The sun is a relief. The mildew was growing bold.

Anyway, yesterday I did 1,062 words on Chapter Four. I creep towards THE END.

Also yesterday, I finished the pr letters for To Charles Fort, With Love (thanks, Poppy), and Spooky stuffed copies of the ARC into mailers and addressed said mailers for several hours. These are the copies that are going out to buyers at bookstores across the US. Most of the reviewers should already have theirs.

Has there been anything interesting in the period of my silence? Not much. I've been trying to steer clear of "interesting" things and just rest. But, let's see. Spooky and I finished To Kill a Mockingbird and then read We Have Always Lived in the Castle, which remains one of the most beautiful, horrifying novels in English. It is truly haunting, and though Shirley Jackson died far too young (46), at least it can be said she went out on the highest note of her career. Also, I'm still working on The Silmarillion, having just begun the Quenta Simarillion. I finished Rise of the Kasai, which, despite somewhat buggy controls and witless AI, was, overall, a very fine game, and is worth the effort if only for the exquisite animation, both during actual gameplay and in the cut scenes. On Friday night, we watched Antoine Fuqua's almost unwatchably lousy King Arthur. The only thing in the film that even approached redemption was the presence of Keira Knightley as warrior Guinevere; she was at least pretty to look at, even if there was no evidence here that she could act. And really, that's about it for the last few days. I've hardly left the house.

Sophie is doing very well, better than before she got sick, really, and I thank everyone who's inquired and offerred advice and assistance. I think we're sort of settling into the two shots a day routine. It's beginning to look like we've made the decision to hang onto to her and employ a sitter whenever we have to be away. I've been with Sophie too long to adopt her out. At least, this is the arrangement we're going to try to make work.

Oh, here's a link worth posting, the official site for the Peter Jackson remake of King Kong, including the production diary. At the moment, I more eagerly await the release of this film than any other.

And as long as I'm making links, there's a new Boschen and Nesuko (Chapter 21). Check it out.

loupgarouone, has your book arrived? Let me know when it does, and thanks again.

That's it for now. See you tomorrow.

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