greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"If the sun don't shine on me today, and if the subways flood and bridges break.."

Yesterday was, well, if weather were snot, that was yesterday. The snow came wet and heavy on a battering wind, then turned into slush and rain and sleet, and now we have mountains of ice on the ground. The driveway is a glacier. No idea when all this shit will melt. We have more flurries this evening, then another round of snow coming this weekend. This is March in Rhode Island. Currently, it's 22˚F, with the windchill at 8˚F.

No work yesterday. Yesterday was an utterly lost day. The storm multiplied my anxiety several fold and left me struggling with claustrophobia. I did manage to finish reading Karl-Hans Taake's The Gévaudan Tragedy: The Disastrous Campaign of a Deported ‘Beast’ (2015; originally published in German as Die Bestie des Gévaudan: Der verheerende Feldzug einer verschleppten Kreatur) It's a short book, but a very good review of the attacks that comes to the same conclusion I came to at least two decades back, that La Bête was either:

1. A giant wolf that had the exact appearance and all the behaviors of a young male lion, or

2: A young male lion, that had escaped from a menagerie.

3: A species of mammal entirely unknown to science, but one that had the exact appearance and all the behaviors of a young male lion.

Parsimony helps us with this daunting choice, naturally.


I can say that there's a very good chance that there will be a special 20th anniversary edition of Silk released next year. Yes, it will have been twenty years, as of June 2018. Details TBA.


Random bits from my Facebook:

It is a nation of cowards and of fearful men and women that believes it needs to build walls around itself.

~ and ~

Spooky has named me Aunt Beast, the Queen of Inappropriate. I'm very afraid it's true.

~ and ~

I think I know now how my grandparents must have felt by the 1970s. And it's really very awful.

~ and ~

On the internet, there is a tradition, sanctified by at least a hallowed decade of observation. If someone tells a joke, it is your duty to try and improve upon it, to be sure the attention is drawn away from them and onto you, as the only purpose of any statement made online is to offer someone else a chance to talk. The only purpose of wit to the elicit a limp rejoinder. There is another tradition that makes it necessary to explain sarcasm.

Resistance, Peace, and Compassion,
Aunt Beast, Queen of Inappropriate

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