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"Leave our red Southern souls. Head for the coast."

Cloudy and chilly here, overcast. No sun again. Currently, it's 53˚F, with the windchill at 51˚F. By my reckoning (and that of the Farmer's Almanac, since 1818) today is the first day of spring. I do not wait on the Vernal Equinox. So, since we are in Rhode Island, this means today is the beginning of Cold Spring.

Yesterday was a falling down day. I'm not going to list all the reasons why. There's nothing new there. But it meant I didn't write. I spent three hours working on a jigsaw puzzle of Claude Monet's La Japonaise (1876). At the kitchen sink, I washed the rest of the Murray's Superior pomade out of my hair; grease-cutting dish-washing detergent was required. I took Klonopin and dozed, trying to shut out the noise behind my eyes. I watched TV. Spooky got dinner from Pizzaria Gusto on Broadway. I ate. I endured the night until I was finally able to go to sleep about 2:30 a.m.

Today, I have to get back to work on "Untitled Psychiatrist #2," as the digest is now officially late.

If you've not yet purchased a copy of Agents of Dreamland, I ask that you do so today. Or purchase a second and send it to a friend or family member. At the moment, it's ranked 6,967th in books on Amazon. I hope it goes higher. And I have some Agents of Dreamland links:

~ A review at New York Review of Books by Barry Lee Dejasu

~ A review at by Brit Mandelo, "On the Cosmic Scale: Agents of Dreamland by Caitlín R. Kiernan"

~ Another piece at, discussing both Agents of Dreamland and Kij Johnson's The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe, "Sleeps With Monsters: Lovecraftian Cruelty and Kindness" by Liz Bourke"

And that's all I have for now. Please feel free to comment on the book here.

Also, please have a look at the current eBay auctions.

Resistance, Peace, and Compassion,
Aunt Beast

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