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"And I feel like everything I saw Is being swept away."

It's sunny today. Currently, the temperature is 39˚F, with the windchill at 35˚F. The snow is still melting. Compared to what I am accustomed to, the sun at this latitude is so indirect that it often seems to have to heat at all, even at the height of summer. It takes a while to melt snow.

Yesterday, Kathryn and I read the first chapter of Interstate Love Song*, and it holds together well. So, that's good news, at least. I wish I could go right back to work on it today, but I have to set the book aside and write something for Sirenia Digest #133. Maybe I can get back to work on it in March, but March is going to be a strange and disrupted month, because of my pallid excuse for a book tour.

Speaking of which, if you have not yet ordered a copy of Agents of Dreamland, please do so. If books don't sell, publishers don't buy new books, and I'm really hoping to sell another one to

Also, I signed signature sheets yesterday for The Best of Subterranean Press collection, but I made it through less than half the stack. I did not used to mind signing signature sheets. These days, I can hardly bring myself to do it.

Also, we have a couple of eBay auctions going.

A couple of statements I made yesterday on Facebook.

I never thought the day would come when I'd consider John McCain an ally. But war does that to us, forging strange alliances.

~ and ~

People keep waiting on perfect allies, they're still gonna be waiting in their graves.

Now, I need to think up a story.

Resistance, Peace, and Compassion,
Aunt Beast

* In the photo below, the header carries the title American Novel, as I briefly entertained using that instead of Interstate Love Song, mostly to thwart people who want to market me as "horror." But I think Interstate Love Song works just as well to the same end.

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