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Howard Hughes vs. 2017 (Part 1)

I'm not sure how much snow we got yesterday. We got at least a foot. It was a proper storm. We had thunder snow, which I'd only ever experienced once before (in Birmingham, of all places, back in 1992) and something called freezing fog that seems straight out of a George R. R. Martin novel. Last night's low (at 6:51 a.m.) was 9˚F, and the worst windchill was a 1:51 a.m., and it was -2˚F. Currently, the sun's out bright, no clouds, but there's more snow on the way. Out there, the world is buried. Currently, it's 21˚F, with the windchill at 7˚F.

I answered two emails yesterday. The day was consumed by anger. Anger at what's happened to America, what was allowed to happen. Anger at every new piece of news of the unspeakable acts being perpetrated by the Horror Clown and his Nightmare Court. Anger that I cannot go home, when that's all in the world I want. Anger at my infirmities, at all that age and illness is taking from me. And anger that had no focus whatsoever.

I find it's also damned near impossible to write about a hot summer night in Alabama during an afternoon blizzard in Rhode Island. I fought through "Tupelo (1998)," writing summer in Birmingham and southern Georgia from this cold place, but at least then it wasn't snowing...much.

The Horror Clown's approval rating is at 42%. No American president has ever plummeted into majority disapproval so quickly. Then again, Donald Trump is no president.

“Why don’t you come after me, you fascist, loofa-faced shit-gibbon!?” ~ Senator Daylin Leach to the Horror Clown

Oh, and this is a website that you absolutely need, "What the Fuck Just Happened Today." A quick rundown (with links for details) on the day-to-day destruction of the USA by the Horror Clown.

I put on a whole bunch of clothes and went downstairs and outside for all of four minutes, between 4:48 p.m. and 4:51 p.m. It was 21˚F, with the windchill 7˚F and the wind gusting to 30mph. I took a bunch of photographs, but they fail to communicate the cold, I think. And you can't see the mist, except away in the distance.

All photographs Copyright © 2017 by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Kathryn A. Pollnac

Resistance, Peace, Compassion,
Aunt Beast
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