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Making things with light

Thanks to robyn ma for the link to digital LiteBrite. I've already made a plesiosaur!

I think I'll begin cross-posting from my Low Red Moon Journal blog (i.e., Ennui Weekly) tomorrow. I was going to start today, but Procrastination (one of the Nine Seven Deadly Sins of Writing, and my best friend) dictates that tomorrow would be more betterer.

Jennifer, who is presently gnawing on the carcass of Thursday night's burrito (brave, brave nixar), has decreed LJ "stupid," and swears that she'll not join. Ah, how fondly I recall that bless'd, vanished ignorance. But. You know what they say. Resistance is futile.

Take the red pill, Jennifer. It's drad.

Really, that's not a pod in your closet. No, it's a Weapon of Mass Distraction.

(Whoa. Two shocks there. LJ knows not how to spell "plesiosaur" nor "nixar.")

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