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"In the next world war, in a jackknifed juggernaut, I am born again."

Cold and sunny today. Currently, the temperature in Providence is only 24˚F, with the windchill at 17˚F.

Yesterday, on a sudden whim, and because I'd not left the house in almost a week, we went to a 1 p.m. showing of Gareth Edwards' Rogue One (2016). When I got got home, I posted the following to Facebook: "I absolutely LOVED Rogue One. Hey, George Lucas, *that* was the Star Wars prequel I waited so long to see. Wow. My face hurts from smiling." Except, I think I liked it more than that. Really, a wonderful film. I've been a fan of Edwards since Monsters (2010), though you may remember I didn't like his Godzilla reboot (2014). But Rogue One hits all the right notes, and it's an actual Star Wars film about the actual war, and it's raw and gritty and dirty and very dark. It is, dare I say it, brave. And Darth Vader has never been as menacing as he is in this film. In his review of the film, setsuled wrote: "Rogue One was designed to be more of a war film, a team war film like The Dirty Dozen (1967) or Where Eagles Dare (1968)," and yes, this is exactly correct. I would also name The Guns of Navarone (1961) and Force Ten from Navarone (1968) as important touchstones. The casting and acting were excellent throughout. I loved The Force Awakens, but I have to say that I actually think Rogue One is the superior film. Surprsingly, I wasn't really bothered by the CGI versions of Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher, though that's the sort of thing that very often does give me the willies. Also, Rogue One stands as another example of the alt-right Nazi brigade's complete incompetence at orchestrating a boycott of anything.

Afterwards, we came home and I reviewed an errata sheet for Dear Sweet Filthy World, then sent my responses to those questions, along with Spooky's corrections, to Subterranean Press. And if you have not yet ordered the book, please do.

Today, I have to get back to work on "Tupelo."

On the one hand, news that Caitlin Jenner has accepted Trump's invitation to appear at the inauguration gives me one more reason to loathe Jenner. But on the OTHER hand, I get a joyous wash of schadenfreude thinking about how much it'll piss off the alt-right and many others of Trump's followers (who still don't know what they've voted for).

I have a photo from the theater, a view of the city to which I am not accustomed (4:36 p.m., view to the west, towards the Woonasquatucket River):

Resistencia, la paz y la compasión,
Bestia de tía
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