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"May I admire you again today?"

I'm not sure how many times I've changed the name of this journal, but quite a few, though not for a few years. And I can't recall just when it became "Dear Sweet Filthy World," but this morning I changed the name again, so as not to create confusion with the new collection. I may change it back at some point, once the collection has sold out. We'll see. Oh, and by the way, Subterranean Press has posted excepts from four of the stories.

Overcast and 51˚F here in Providence.

Yesterday was a good writing day. I did 1,013 words on the untitled thing. I know now that it's one of the murder ballads, which gives it a subtitle, but it still needs an actual title. I mean to finish the tale today, and it will appear in Sirenia Digest #130, along with the vivacious Hazel L. Hill's really marvelous "The Ugly Place," which I heard her read from at Lovecraft Arts and Sciences Council back on November 5th, and I immediately bought it for the Digest. This is something I'd like to do more often, showcase new voices. I just wish I could pay more.

Happy birthday, Mama Ru!

Also, yesterday I was asked to write an introduction of a forthcoming (2017) new edition of The Haunting of Hill House, which is really the first thing anyone's asked me to do in a long, long time that I was happy to agree to do. I have until May to think of something brilliant. I'm not going to say who the publisher is yet, because I've not been given permission to do so. Yesterday, I also talked with my agent, about selling audio rights to Agents of Dreamland (which I'm hoping to read myself), about the "Fungus Among Us" March-February 2017 book tour, and about television sales. And there was email with Jonathan Strahan (also Agents of Dreamland) and Ellen Datlow (lots of stuff). I spoke with Christopher Geissler at the John Hay Library, and we have determined that December 1st is the day we'll meet to finalize the transfer of my papers (and etc.) to Brown University. Finally, there was email from Katherine Duckett at Tor about the book tour. I think I'll have some dates to post soonish. So, yesterday was a busy damn day.

Last night, we did a John Hughes/Howard Deutch double feature, Pretty in Pink (1986) and Some Kind of Wonderful (1987), neither of which I'd seen in a very long time. When the original ending of Pretty in Pink is restored, the one in which Andie and Duckie wind up together, it's one of my favorite films of the eighties. I suspect lots of people don't know about the original ending, which was ditched after test audiences whined, leading the studio to insist that a new ending be filmed in which Andie winds with Blaine, completely subverting the film's story arc (and any sort of justice). The original ending is included on the 2006 "Everything's Duckie" edition of the DVD (and it's probably on YouTube).* Knowing this makes the ending of Some Kind of Wonderful a little more interesting. It feels like Deutch and Hughes righting a wrong that was committed in and against the earlier film.

Oh, and I have four photos from yesterday:

And now I gotta go write.

Aunt Beast

* Correction: Actually, it isn't. There's a featurette called "Original Ending: The Lost Dance," wherein the original ending is discussed, but it isn't actually included. Which blows.
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