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The Beast Has Voted

No waiting. And in our predominantly Hispanic and African-American neighborhood, no sign of voter suppression efforts. The rednecks and swamp yankees in Exeter and Woonsocket know better.

And I leave you with this thought...

Talk of violent revolution and overthrowing "the system" has no place in American democracy, and this year we had it coming at us hard from the Far Right and from the Far Left. My greatest hope is that in four years we will see a return to the normal process of American democracy, which is about the constant, untiring, piecemeal refinement of the best governing system on the face of this planet, not giving in to despair and threatening to destroy this precious gift we have. Whatever went so wrong in 2016, we have four years to stop it from happening again.
Tags: 2016, america, exeter, hope, hrc, politics, rednecks, swamp yankees, tim kaine, vote!, woonsocket

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