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"Tonight there's fallen angels, and they're waiting for us down in the street."

Ugh. I think I slept maybe five hours. It's mostly cloudy here and currently 48˚F.

The next few days are gonna be photo heavy posts, while I adjust and try to get my shit back together – again.

Yesterday, I didn't work. We went out searching for jigsaw puzzles and Halloween candy and a pumpkin. I was startled at how cold the day was, the wind coming in off the bay and biting like frost. Last night, after a very mediocre pizza, we watched the finale of Season Eight of RuPaul's Drag Race, and I was very happy that Bob the Drag Queen won. Somehow, my favorites won from seasons Five, Six, Seven, and Eight all were crowned. If only I were always so good at picking winners. Later, we watched three episodes of Black Mirror. I was extremely skeptical. There hasn't been good anthology television since the nineteen sixties. It's a format that TV briefly excelled at, a very long time ago. But I was pleasantly surprised by Black Mirror. We watched three episodes, out of order – "Fifteen Million Merits" (ep. 1:2), "Playtest" (ep. 3:3), and "Hated in the Nation" (3:6). Both "Fifteen Million Merits" and "Hated in the Nation" are excellent. I wasn't very impressed with "Playtest," though, which was just a silly, predictable horror tale.

Aunt Beast
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