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" I'll give you what you wanna have. I'll take you where you wanna go."

Ugh. Another rough night. Currently, it's overcast and 64˚F here in Providence, with 90% humidity. We're about to have a little bit of an Indian Summer, just in time for the trip to NYC. I think the high in Manhattan tomorrow is supposed to be 83˚F, and I guess I'm going to be stuck wearing a T-shirt and jeans to the reading. We'll be taking the bus down in the morning, staying over one night, then taking the bus back on Thursday.

Yesterday might best be described as a series of minor calamities, strung together. Trouble with the CEM for Agents of Dreamland. Trouble with the galley pages for Dear Sweet Filthy World. I need to be writing, not wasting days with editing. It's been six days since I actually wrote anything; most of that time has been spent working on the galleys. But there was also a good conversation with my lit agent about, well, a little of everything. I'll be meeting with her on Wednesday, before the reading at KGB. I do hope people make it out. I'm just grateful that I have something to do that night that will keep me from watching the third presidential debate. Tomorrow will be my fifth time to read at KGB. The first was May 2001. The second was November 2008. The third was October 2013. The fourth was March 2015.

This will be my first trip into Manhattan since the last time I read at KGB, an awful, freezing day, March 18th, 2015. We'd spent the night before in a windstorm in an unheated cabin in the Catskills, then had to drive from Woodstock to catch the train at Rhinecliff to Manhattan. It was one of the coldest, most uncomfortable, most thoroughly exhausting days I think I ever have endured. We left Woodstock about noon, and we were back at the cabin by 1 A.M. I doubt we were in NYC for more than four hours. Hopefully, this trip will be much less unpleasant.

I'm utterly in love with RuPauls's Drag Race. I avoided the show for years, and I'll explain that some other day. We're watching Season Four now (yeah, we're doing it out of order), and it's not quite as thoroughly delightful as Season Five, but it's thoroughly delightful.

Aunt Beast
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