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Howard Hughes Goes to Mars

It was chilly last night. One day soon I'll look out my window, and all the leaves will have fallen. Currently, it's sunny and 69˚F.

Yesterday, I proofread The Chartreuse Alphabet (A-M) and "Animals Pull the Night About Their Shoulders," and then Sirenia Digest #128 went out late in the afternoon. Today, I go back to work on the novella that will complete Mythos Tales (Centipede Press, 2017). Currently, I have 13,269 words, but no title and no ending.

By the way, if you're not a subscriber, Sirenia Digest #129 is a great place to become one.

Please do have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thanks.

Last night, I read and watched John Huston's Across the Pacific (1942). Now, I need to wake up; that Red Bull didn't do it.

Aunt Beast
Tags: "animals pull the night", centipede press, cooler weather, endings, green autumn, john huston, mythos tales, red bull, sirenia digest, the chartreuse alphabet

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