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Howard Hughes is not even a thing.

They brought back our tropical storm warning last night, but now it's gone again. Hermine has been one of the most peculiar storms to which I have ever been privy. But I think that it's just about spent. We had some fairly fierce winds yesterday, and the streets and driveways are carpeted with leaves. We had a little rain last night, but not enough that it's going to make much impact on the drought. Currently, it's overcast and 68˚F here in Providence.

Yesterday, I wrote E, F, and G, which came to 1,051 words. Today, I set The Chartreuse Alphabet aside, as I have a meeting at the John Hay Library at 4 p.m., but I'll come back to it tomorrow.

Yesterday evening, it occurred to me that November 1st will mark the fifteenth anniversary of the publication of Threshold (though I didn't actually get my hands on a copy of the published novel until November 15). I feel like I ought, somehow, to mark the anniversary, but I don't know how I would.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Talibus laboribus lupos defendimus. Thank you.

Last night, there was roleplay (well, there is most nights), and then Spooky and I watched Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954), which is very possibly my favorite of his films. It is, to my mind, close to being a truly perfect film. The set alone, that massive, ingenious soundstage, I can just stare at that for hours.

Insomnia again last night, but that's pretty much the norm.

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