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"The station pulls away from the train; the blue pulls away from the sky."

I think maybe the summer's heat has passed. The forecast for the remainder of this week is low eighties and seventies. Currently, it's only 81˚F.

And Tor has done their cover reveal thing for Agents of Dreamland. Please have a look. The novella will be out, in bookshops and online, February 28, 2017. Keep watching the skies. The cover is by the extremely talented Christine Foltzer, by the way, and I doubt I could be happier with it.

Yesterday was divided between the sweltering heat of the storage unit and the sweltering weirdness of sitting here sorting through letters (you know, the kind on paper that come in envelopes) dating from 1980 to 1993. Hundreds of letters. Most of them from my time as a paleontologist, and from college, and even a few from high school. All but a handful of the most personal (and incriminating) will be going to Brown, when I deliver the "last" lot of boxes on September 6th. But now that's done, and I no longer have to dread doing it.

Also, Sirenia Digest 127 went out to subscribers yesterday.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thank you.

Today, I try to begin something new for Sirenia Digest 128 and 129, which I'm calling The Chartreuse Alphabet. In part, it's a freeform writing exercise to try and help me get past this block, the aforementioned dry spell. Unlike my four previous alphabets, I'm considering linking the twenty-six sections into a very, very loose narrative. Or at least linking them by a common thread. We'll see. But I only slept about three hours this morning, so we're just going to have to see how the day proceeds.

I'm been wanting Hitchcock lately, so last night we watched Rope (1948) and North by Northwest (1959). In Rope, I do not know if Hitchcock intended us to see Brandon Shaw (John Dall) and and Phillip Morgan (Farley Granger) as a gay couple, but I find it impossible to watch the film any other way, and I think it very likely it was intentional on the director's part. Also, as it happens, Dall was homosexual and Granger was bi. From a purely technical standpoint, I never tire of looking at Rope. For example, the way the sun moves towards night across that cyclorama backdrop of the NYC skyline, just wow. And North by Northwest is just one of those perfect films, even if Hitchcock seems to have believed there were sea cliffs on Long Island and even if Cary Grant is disturbingly tanned through the whole thing.

And I end this entry with a photo, as I have every entry since May 10th. Indeed, a lot of those entries consisted solely of photos. Anyway, after this one I'm returning to the old format, so no more daily photos. But perhaps someone has enjoyed them, snapshots of my days and nights in Providence, all taken with my iPhone. Goodbye, Summer 2016.

Aunt Beast

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