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Howard Hughes and the Store-Brand Cat (L)

Day before yesterday, the mail brought me a royalty check for $74 (The Drowning Girl, audiobook) and news that my agent had sent a copy of Silk to a Russian publisher. I get charged for that. Presumably, there's a Russian publisher interested in doing a translation. No one tells me anything. But with royalty checks like that, retirement is surely imminent.

I will say again, William Gibson's "Hinterlands" is one of the finest science-fiction stories ever written. It also happens to be one of the finest pieces of weird fiction ever written. It was first published in Omni magazine in 1981, then reprinted in Burning Chrome in 1986.

A few days back – I'm really not certain how many days back – my copies of the new trade-paperback edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder arrived, and we have one up on eBay right now. This is, by the way, the fourth edition of the collection since 2000; it's basically the text from the 2007 Subterranean Press edition. It also includes all of Richard Kirk's illustrations.

Please have a look at our other eBay auctions.

Aunt Beast

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