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"Hey baby, I'm just about starving tonight."

Well, this will be the short entry to buy back the time from the really long entry I wrote yesterday, which was likely read by now fewer than eight people. I regret having given so much time to such a bad movie, but there you go. It's now mostly out of my system. Mostly.

It's cooler today, cloudy, and I'm back at home trying to work. Maybe the worst of this summer is gone.

Yesterday, at the Providence Public Library, I signed two sets of signature sheets, those for Black Wings V: Tales of Lovecraftian Horror and those for Gothic Lovecraft, both anthologies edited by S.T. Joshi, 300+ and 52+ sheets, respectively.

Time to put this train back on the tracks.

Aunt Beast

Tags: ghostbusters, joshi, libraries, lovecraft, outside, signature sheets

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