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Howard Hughes, Seeking the Ruby Slippers

I awoke again into the heat. The advisory of the last two days has become an "Excessive Heat Warning" (courtesy the NWS). We're expecting a high of 95˚F, with a heat index of 105. Obviously, it isn't safe to stay in the house. Another pissed away day, coming up.

Once it's cool enough again that it's safe to sit in my office, and once it's cool enough again to be in this house and think clearly, I'm going to write about how much and how virulently and, above all, why I hated The Ghostbusters reboot. We went yesterday, because we'd pretty much seen everything else. We walked out after forty-five minutes and were refunded the price of admission. But I'd like to be coherent about it, so I'm going to wait. Just please remember: I was originally ecstatic at the idea of an all-female cast. Meanwhile, I leave you with this:

Oh, and I neglected yesterday to say that, on Friday afternoon, I found five bucks lying in the street. But I almost didn't pick it up. They've fucked up the way US money looks to the point that I just assumed I was seeing fake money. The shit's hardly even green.

Now, I have to back my survival gear again and go seeking precious, life-sustaining AC.

Aunt Beast

Tags: bad movies, gender, ghostbusters, heat, lost days, politics

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