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"When I stare into her eyes, I see no one there."

I want to write about here the misery and indignities of aging, from my perspective, about the biological cataclysm of aging, but I'm pretty sure it would only get me labeled ageist. I might trigger some poor delicate soul. I'll keep my gerascophobic meanderings to myself

The heat in this house is all but intolerable. It's become dangerous. There are actual reasons it's worse than last year, reasons that have nothing to do with the climate outside the house, but explaining that might get me yelled at by my downstairs neighbors and my upstairs landlady.

Really, there's an awful lot I just don't bother to say here anymore, because I no longer have the patience to deal with being yelled at all the time.

I've lost something like two solid weeks to the heat this summer, days when it was simply to hot to work in the only place I have to work. I will clearly be losing more days, beginning with this one.

We sat out part of yesterday in a dark and cold theatre, one of those rare genuinely pleasant sanctuaries from the heat. We saw Sean Ellis' superb Anthropoid, a WWII thriller about the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich. It's the sort of film I'm amazed anyone still makes. Reviewers didn't much like it. Reviewers can blow me.

There was a magnificent thunderstorm yesterday that I somehow managed to sleep through. When the bombs fall, I'll miss it. Lucky me.

Aunt Beast

Tags: anger, free speech, gerascophobia, good movies, heat, lost days, misery, not a kid anymore, pain, sean ellis, thunderstorms, triggerpunk

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