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"We set fire to our homes, walking barefoot in the snow."

The less said of yesterday, the better.

But I will say that Tim Kaine just charms the socks off me, and President Obama's address at the DNC last night brought tears to my eyes. As I said on Facebook immediately afterwards, "One of the greatest privileges of my life, one of the greatest honors, is to have been alive during the presidency of Barack Obama. Thank you, Mr. President." After the gavel out, we watched Rocket X-M, which is easily one of the strangest science-fiction films of the fifties.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thank you.

I've made it to 1950 on my "Favorite Movies" list.

Today, I'm gonna try and work again. The heat will break tonight, and I have to get my shit together.

Aunt Beast

Tags: bad days, earth, films, good movies, not enough sleep, politics, president obama, science fiction, tim kaine

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