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"The bees had declared a war."

Warmer still today. We may reach 91˚F. Currently, we're at 83˚F. Windows closed, blinds drawn, no lights on that do not have to be. All the box fans running.

Yesterday was mostly spent dithering over the Wonderland story, once I'd decided to abandon the terrforming-Death-Valley thing. Finally, I consulted with my editor and decided that what I will attempt is a new Natalie Beaumont story. If you read "The Maltese Unicorn," you'll recall Miss Beaumont. For years, I've wanted to have another go at her (so to speak), but "The Maltese Unicorn" was so time and research intensive that I've always shied away from a sequel. But I'm going to do it. I think this will be set in 1942, so that the US will just have entered WWII, which means it's seven years after the events of "The Maltese Unicorn." Beaumont is no longer in the employ of Harpootlian, and she no longer owns Yellow Dragon Books in the Bowery. Other than that, I have only the vaguest of ideas. Today, I"m going to try to find a suitable plot.

Yesterday, I also sold Czech translation rights to "As Red as Red" and "Galápagos," and I accepted an invitation to speak at the Montauk Club in Brooklyn in October. I was part of a reading there in January 2010, for Ellen Datlow's Lovecraft Unbound.

I am so not awake.

Last night, we watched The Wizard of Oz (1939), which neither of us had seen in ages, and then Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2010). I continue to maintain that the latter is really quite good, but I also concede that it's got a few serious narrative hiccups, and there's that whole inexplicable "futterwacken" sequence at the end. The battle with Christopher Lee's Jabberwocky still delights me.

Aunt Beast

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