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"I hardly recognize this face I wear."

A break in the heat today, so maybe I can get some writing done.

Yesterday, I spoke of doing another "noirish Mars tale." I only had the haziest concept in mind, and that changed a good deal over the course of the afternoon and evening. It still hasn't quite gelled, but I begin to get the gist of it. A way to do a thing fairly literally without committing to a literal approach, having my cake and eating it to, if you will. I don't yet have a title, but I should find one before I begin. I'm never comfortable working on a story without a title.

About two p.m., we made a trip to the downtown branch of the public library, then stopped by the market before heading back to the west side. Some homeless dude was messing around with the light switches in the stacks, flipping them on and off, and security had to be called. It's like the building was having a grand mal seizure. Clouds threatened storms, but we only got a few drops of rain. Last night, after dinner, I watched Blade Runner (The Final Cut, 2007) for the first time in a year or so.

I have interior design samples for Dear Sweet Filthy World and The Aubergine Alphabet that I need to approve. I have to get to that today.

Aunt Beast

Tags: blade runner, dear sweet filthy world, libraries, mars, noir, the aubergine alphabet, titles
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