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"And they won't wait, they won't wait, they won't wait."

I'm very much not awake (a positive negative), likely because I didn't sleep enough to sleep off the Seroquel, without which I wouldn't have slept at all. The heat in the apartment has, again, become a serious source of discomfort, and we're debating shelling out money for a second window unit AC, even though there's really no place to put the thing.

Yesterday became about planning two stories, the one for the digest and the one for Ellen Datlow. I made better progress with the latter, so it gets to be the first written. I haven't been to Mars in a very long while, so this is going to be one of my noirish Mars tales, I think, somehow concerned with the Mock Turtle. Right now, that's all I have.

A goodly portion of yesterday was spend marveling at the videos for a whole bunch of songs by Of Monsters and Men. I tried to find out who the director/filmmaker was, but only credit I can find is for the video production group WeWereMonkeys*. Which is somehow not nearly so satisfying as being able to tie those gorgeously little movies to an actual human being (or two). Though, were I a more wealthy beast – indeed, were I wealthy at all – I'd hire WeWereMonkeys to create a promotional trailer for Dear Sweet Filthy World.

There were really marvelous storms yesterday, and then there were rainbows.

Aunt Beast (the Sweaty)

* My thanks to Sony, who pointed out that WeWereMonkeys are, in fact, Mihai Wilson and Marcella Moser.
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