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"And when I die alone, when I die alone, when I die I'll be on time."

I've come to a place where I begin to fear I'm going to have to set aside what I've written so far on Chapter One of The Starkeeper and begin anew from a slightly different angle. I don't want to do this, because I'm so very far behind. But if I'd not started over twice in 2010, you'd not have The Drowning Girl. If I'd not scrapped Joey Lafaye in 2008, you'd not have The Red Tree. It's an unpleasant part of the endeavor, beginning again. I still hope I can avoid it, but I am now open to the possibility.

Yesterday was a muteday, the first since March 7, 2011, the day I finished The Drowning Girl.

God, it's fucking hot in this house.

Aunt Beast

Fucking Wu.

Tags: 2008, 2010, alabaster, beginnings, heat, hubero, joey lafaye, mutedays, revision, the drowning girl, the red tree, the starkeeper
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