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"The lights went out, the oil ran dry."

We're having a burst of March here in the middle of July, temperatures in the low sixties (night) and mid seventies (day), clouds and rain. One day was a nice relief from the heat. Three days is maddening. And also maddening is the abrupt replacement of our warm, comforting yellow incandescent streetlights with nightmarishly bright blue LEDs, with no thought to how this will affect people's ability to sleep or wildlife. Or my ability to look out the window at night. But, hey, it saves our lying, corrupt city and state governments $24 million dollars over the course of eleven years (they're replacing all 16,800 lights). And I guarantee you that, via graft and kickbacks, there are assholes making a tidy little fortune off this.

That is all.

Aunt Beast

Tags: politics, providence

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