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addendum: etcetera

Managed to get a shot of the aforementioned (5/4/05) "R.I.P." cross-thingy south of L5P, across from the new mall (behind the cut):

We'll, actually I didn't. Sell out, I mean. But then no one asked me.

Signs of the Apocalypse, directly across the street from the above memorial. All the usual suspects...

More dren, just because I'm bored. lists 15 books which include the SIP "red witches." But 13 have only one mention each. One has 3. Murder of Angels carries the day with 14 references. There's a bio of Louis B. Mayer. Books on witchcraft (big surprise). Books by Anne River Siddons and the homophobic Orson Scott Card. Another SIP in Murder of Angels, "bird squawks," occurs in 21 books in Amazon's stock. My favorite is definitely The Complete Idiot's Guide to I Ching by Elizabeth Moran. Once again, MoA uses this oh-so-unlikely phrase more than any of the other books. Oh, and the word "fucking" appears on 111 pages in the book. I'll have to try harder next time.

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