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"The Seventies were awash in mustard and avocado."

It seems bizarre to me that I used to spend an hour, sometimes two, writing entries for this journal. Every day. I honestly have no idea how I found that much to write about here, and that much to write about at such length – thousand-word LJ entries.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,001 words on "Whisper Road." And I discovered that it's Murder Ballad No. 9. I wrote the first of the murder ballad stories in 1995 ("Breakfast in the House of the Rising Sun"), and the second I wrote in 1999 ("Lafayette"). The last time I wrote a murder ballad story, that was 2014 ("Interstate Love Song"). I'm surprised no one's asked to collect those together yet. Anyway, I'm going to try and find THE END today. Oh, and, as it happens, yesterday I got an offer from a Polish F&SF magazine wanting to translate "Interstate Love Song."

Aunt Beast

Tags: "breakfast in the house of the rising su, "interstate love song", "lafayette", "whisper road", 1995, 1999, 2014, blogging long-term, endings, foreign editions, longwinded, poland, verbosity

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