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"And all the little bones that he hid in his vent." (Windsday)

Yesterday, I did 1,001 words on The Starkeeper.

Today, there's a windy lashing the city, and I'm never going to get used to the weather up here. Yesterday was rainy, and late in the afternoon it was only 58˚F.

My social-media blackout (no Twitter, no Facebook) is actually going quite well, thank you. It has removed an amazing amount of stress from my life. I'm not constantly fretting over news items. I'm not caught up in the outrage du jour. I'm far less distracted. I'm not arguing with people I don't know. These are good things, obviously.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. I'll sign and personalize any and all purchases. Thank you.

Over the next couple of days I'll be laying out the Sirenia Digest #124, so that should go out on Tuesday.

Last night, I got sleepy to Spooky reading me Robert McCloskey's Time of Wonder (1957), one of those books that's one of our books.

Aunt Beast

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