greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"What if the world dies with the sunrise?"

A rainy day today, and chilly. More like April than June. But a Beast abides.

My birth name has finally turned up on my Wikipedia entry. It was always only a matter of time, and after the bibliography in Two Worlds and In Between, in which I included my birth name, was published, I knew it would be sooner rather than later. I'm rather surprised to find that I'm really not upset. Yes, that's who I was. I think I began reclaiming my former self back in the autumn of 2014, when I started posting pre-transition photographs on Facebook. So, this is only a continuation of a process I set in motion, and when I allowed the name to be published it became a matter of public record.

So, yeah, while it's all weird and a little confusing, I think I'm okay with this. I've been Caitlín for twenty-six years now. That's one year long than I wore my birth name. And whatever power it still has over me, I've made my peace with that.

Aunt Beast

Tags: "best of crk" project, 1990, 2014, blue birds, names, then vs. now, tmbg, transgender, wikipedia

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