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"To those like you who've lost their way..."

No sleep this morning until after five, so no sleep until after the sun was up. This time of year, at this latitude, the sky starts to brighten before four a.m. The first start singing to my insomnia, and I imagine them all in the jaws of hungry cats.

About nine-thirty, though, I woke to some very good news, which I shall share when I am able.

Today, we're heading south for more book-related research. It's sort of like location scouting, really.

Last night, I lay on the floor of the front parlor and watched Mars as it made the transit from one side of a gap in the curtains to the other side of the gap in the curtains. It was bright and pink and beautiful.

Aunt Beast

Tags: birds, cats, insomnia, mars, sense of place, south county, the starkeeper

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