greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"Pour salt water on the wound." (Four Vicodin)

Has anyone noticed that the internet has become the visual equivalent of the Las Vegas Strip crossed with an issue of the National Enquirer? No, that's not a compliment.

I awoke to an inch or two of snow, after we had snow on and off all day yesterday. At one point, a squall had dropped visibility to the point that I could, from the front parlor, see only partway down the street. Half an hour later, the sun was out. Currently, it's 26˚F in Providence, with the windchill at 23˚F. This is our spring, the reason I survived the winter:

I didn't write yesterday. I barely was able to think.

I worked on a Norman Rockwell jigsaw puzzle. There's something people don't know about me. I'm a great admirer of the art of Norman Rockwell. Anyway, I worked on a jigsaw puzzle. I played Guild Wars 2. We watched the second half of the four-hour Walt Disney segment of American Experience (we saw the first half the night before). I listened to music. I ground my teeth. I cursed my rotten, aching, numb feet, which are hurting worse than they have in a long time. I tried to keep my eyes from the windows. I thought about taking a shower.

How can the year be a quarter done? I've hardly left the house.

Aunt Beast
Tags: cold spring, gw2, lost days, norman rockwell, snow, tacky crap, walt disney, wasted days, winter
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