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Howard Hughes Puzzles

It's sunnyish out there, blue between white clouds. Wind came sweeping in last night, and the house is still, being buffeted. It's cold, only 50˚F. I miss those balmy early March days we had there for a bit, when it looked as if spring were coming very early.

I have some news: Over the past few months, I grew increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of actually releasing Cambrian Tales: Juvenilia into the world. Even as I was editing the book back in January, I was deciding I didn't want to see it published. It was a strange, disconcerting state of affairs. Anyway, I spoke with Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press yesterday, and he has agreed that we'll shelve Cambrian Tales indefinitely. I'll be replacing it with my next (as yet untitled) short-fiction collection, to be released early in 2017. It will include The Aubergine Alphabet as a hardback chapbook. Details TBA. Someday, we'll come back to the juvenilia collection, but, to be honest, it will be many years from now.

And that's a huge load off my mind.

Also, I finished "Objects in the Mirror" yesterday, which revealed itself to be, structurally, an odd tale, indeed. Finishing that story, it's another load off my mind.

Onward to Sirenia Digest #122. No rest for the wordy.

Aunt Beast
Tags: 2017, bill, cambrian tales, cold spring, juvenilia, misgivings, short fiction, subterranean press, the aubergine alphabet

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