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I awoke to the news of the Bruxelles attacks.

It's sunny and 40˚F here, though it only feels like 33˚F.

Yesterday was lost to a headache of extraordinary severity. But at least the snow had all melted away by mid afternoon. It was really an amazing melt. I can now go back to watching the slow march of Cold Spring.

I was in bed by 1 ayem, after passing out in the front parlour. I never get to bed that early. I was awakened at 5:30 by a car alarm and didn't get back to sleep until after 6:30, after sunrise, but, all told, I slept at least 7 hours. More than usual. But it was an odd, feverish sleep. At one point, I was dreaming of a farm that had a license to sell human infants as food. A lot of ten was referred to as a Grand Tequila.

Don't ask me.

Aunt Beast


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