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more where that came from

So, yesterday I did 2,246 words, beginning and finishing "Untitled 12," the eighth vignette for Frog Toes and Tentacles. I almost titled it, "Oh crap, I'm actually writing a goddamn vampire story after swearing I never would again!" Indeed, about 900 words in, I stopped and Spooky read everything back to me, and we both agreed that it was going in that Anne Rice/Harlequin Romance-with-fangs froo-froo vampire erotica direction. So I chopped off about three hundred words, swapped whatever I had been listening to for NIN, and wrote a story so unromantically para-erotic that I defy any lover of treacly vampire smut to get their jollies from this story. So there. The "v" word is never used, which is something I wish I could have managed in The Five of Cups. You may ask, why did I include a vampire story in FT&T when I clearly have such a negative opinion of vampiric erotica? Well, it's the little paradoxes that make life worthwhile, isn't it? Anyway, I like the vignette. Now, I only have one left to write.

You know, when I finally get back to work on Daughter of Hounds, the daily totals from this past week are gonna make my usual 1,000-1,300 words/day look pretty pathetic.

Yesterday was almost derailed by an unexpected bit of foolishness involving the IRS. To avoid a 21.3% tax on the royalties from the Italian edition of Threshold, I have to request Form 6166 from the IRS, which I can only acquire by first filing Form 8802, blah, blah, frelling blah. I do not do my own taxes, so this is all a mystery to me. Oh, and there's an update on To Charles Fort, With Love: Subterranean Press has decided to push the publication date back a couple of months, to September '05, in order to allow more time for reviews. Which is probably a good idea. It allows me more time for proofreading, as well. We'll be doing the author's photo for the jacket on Sunday. I understand it will involve an umbrella, a sheep's heart, and several dead fish.

I'm very, very pleased with the news that the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker is still alive and kicking (or flying or whatever). There's one more survivor. Now, if only a couple of dodos and Steller's sea cows would turn up...

Late yesterday, because we had some time to kill before meeting everyone for dinner, Spooky and I stopped off at Border's for a bit. I forget that I really can't tolerate bookstores anymore, that they have become an occupational hazard to me. Which is to say, it was a dumb mistake. I know better. Anyway, I picked up the new Cemetery Dance, in which there are very positive reviews of both Murder of Angels and The Dry Salvages. And then we escaped the bookstore, and next time I'll frelling well know better.

I'd really like to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy this evening, but I so fear this film's going to be a disaster that I think I've decided to at least wait on more news of it, if not the DVD.

I should wind this up. Please have a look at the auctions. Remember, for the next six days, every "Buy It Now" and fixed-price purchase gets you a monster doodle, IN LIVING COLOUR. How the frell can you resist? Obviously, this (very generous) offer applies only to my books and not the various and sundry things Spooky is also auctioning.

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