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"Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart."

I knew it was too good to be true. Here in Providence, our hopes of an early spring have been dashed by an incoming snowstorm set to hit on (of course) the Vernal Equinox. Three to six inches, several nights of temperatures below freezing. Day after day of sunless skies. And all the buds and shoots and flowers that have come early will die. Hit reset. Back to early February. Cold spring in all its gelid glory.


Yesterday, I wrote a whopping 291 words on "Objects in the Mirror." Go me.

I also spent a couple of hours going through a box of my old papers. It was a box that had already gone to Brown (cataloged as #11 in the first two lots), but I needed to look for something. So Spooky went to Brown, and Christopher was kind enough to have it pulled for us. We'll take it back – for good – when we take the last few boxes in early April.

On this day one year ago, we were on our way to NYC. One year ago, I was living, and now I'm passing time on life support. Oh, from that entry there's a nice breakdown, near the end of the post, that illustrates why I can't afford to travel very far to do readings:

I did want to break something down, for people who wonder why I don't do more readings near them. Yesterday's travel (cab + train; I'm not counting gas for the van) cost me $207. KGB gives readers a $25 honorarium. Subtract $25 from $207 for $182. I read for twenty minutes. So, the sober truth of the matter is that I essentially paid $9.10 a minute to read...

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