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Love in the Time of Orange Hitler

“There's nothing worse for a forest than to have all the trees be the same.” ~ Ken Kesey

We made it all the way to 72˚F yesterday. The trees are showing buds. And with no truly cold weather in the forecast, we're looking at an early spring. Today it's partly sunny, partly cloudy, and very windy. Cooler than yesterday, but it'll do.

Today I absolutely have to get serious about "Objects in the Mirror."

Spooky realized yesterday afternoon that I'd left the house four consecutive days in a row. And maybe that doesn't seem like such a much to some people, but given that I can go a week without realizing I haven't left the house, it's pretty cool.

Last night, we almost finished the Klimt puzzle. Here's a photo, my hand included:

Photograph Copyright © Kathryn A. Pollnac

My hands hurt.

And I wish I could recall my dreams from last night.

The evening was as unremarkable as almost all my evenings are these days. Spooky read to me from Danielewski's The Familiar (Vol. 1), and I had a late dinner, a salad of cucumber, tomatoes, pear, strawberries, olives stuffed with garlic, and fresh mozzarella, in a red-wine vinaigrette. I got to bed about 3:35 ayem.

Aunt Beast
Tags: "objects in the mirror", cold spring, dreams, gustav klimt, jigsaw puzzles, ken kesey, outside, the familar, warmer weather

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