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"It’s just like antimatter. It’s Dumbo’s magic feather."

The clouds have arrived today, but it's 68˚F. Yesterday's high was 70˚F, lower than projected but it broke the record (from 2002). The windows were open all day. It was as marvelous as a March day in Providence can be.

We spent the day out. There was a trip to Paper Nautilus, and then we drove around town a bit, and then had a sushi lunch at Sakura on Wickenden (the best sushi I've had since leaving Atlanta), and then there was the antique shop across the street...and then home. It was the first real day out I've had in ages. We'd talked about driving down to Conanicut Island, but the wind would have been very cold. Better to enjoy the day's warmth someplace where we could feel the warmth. The sky was too vacant and too blue, but I kept my head down.

It was a good day.

We came home and worked on our jigsaw of Klimt's The Kiss.

The upside of Alabaster not being particularly popular is that I don't have to contend with a horde of homophobic comic-book readers flipping out over Dancy and Maisie (while secretly masturbating over those lurid images of hot girl sex).

Day before yesterday I announced the title of the Next New Novel over on Patreon. This is the sort of thing I'll be posting there first, as part of the rewards to backers. I'm calling it The Starkeeper. Details will be slowly forthcoming. And yes, I've shelved Interstate Love Song, for reasons I will eventually share here.

Toady, I only have to write.

Aunt Beast
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