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"What good's religion, when it's each other we despise?"

The wide carnivorous sky* has unfolded above Providence, the deepest of all deep blues, the cruelest, the most bottomless. Currently, it's 31˚F and feel like 24˚F. Yesterday, we had a shitty dusting of snow and skies the color of lead and despair. But, we are told that the high on Tuesday will be 60˚F, and on Wednesday it's supposed to reach 67˚F. That weather forecast, that's what Salvation looks like.

Drinking hot, very sweet tea, listening to Placebo, waking up.

"I don’t think Trump is spreading bigotry and racism in this country — I think he is unleashing it." ~ Saqib Bhatti

My grateful thanks to everyone whose pledged to the Patreon campaign. It's going much better than I expected. At the moment, we're at 54.8% of our goal, after only two days. I told Kathryn and Merrilee (my lit agent) that I would give this until the end of March to see if we could reach our goal, which should tell you how much better we've doing than I expected. So, yes, thank you all. Here's the link.

Yesterday was, as Judith Viorst would say, a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I'd only slept about four hours, and my rotten guts churned all afternoon. There was anger so bright it wanted to flash over to rage. There was depression and fear. Sometime after dinner my head began to clear, later in the evening, after we spent an hour or so working on the new jigsaw puzzle, a 1,000-piece of Klimt's The Kiss (1907-1908). I slept fairly well last night. At least six hours.

I may attempt to write a poem every day for the remainder of March. Usually, I spend days or weeks on a poem, so attempting to do one a day might be interesting.

And it would be interesting to write something I do not mean to be published.

Yesterday, from the new Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, I read "Polycotylus latipinnis Cope (Plesiosauria, Polycotylidae), a nearly complete skeleton from the Niobrara Formation (early Campanian) of southwestern South Dakota" and "A redescription of Ornithomimus velox Marsh, 1890 (Dinosauria, Theropoda)."

That's all for now.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

* No, he got it from me.
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