greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"When you were young and your heart was an open book..."

Another leaden day. Yesterday, Part II. The only significant difference, near as I can tell, between yesterday and today is that today is wet, since it rained in the night. Currently, it's 45˚F, so at least it's a little warmer. There, that's how today is different. Whee.

I'm trying to get started on the story for Sirenia Digest #121, which will be "The Love Song of J. Alfred Morlock." And after that I need to write the story based on the Dave McKean painting, which will likely be titled "Objects in the Mirror." And I need to get started on the Next New Novel. At this point, I'm behind by about two weeks.

And today I'm sick. I'm not gonna go into details.

Please have a look at our eBay auctions. Thank you.

We've finally started watching Better Call Saul, and I'm liking it quite a lot.

Aunt Beast
Tags: "j. alfred morlock", dave mckean, germination, good tv, grey skies, pills, sick, the next new novel

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